Peer Kamil 2nd Part - Aab Hayat - by Umeera Ahmed Online Review

Umeera Ahmed New Novel Aab Hayat - Review

Umeera Ahmed new novel Aab Hayat is the most awaited novel. This novel Aab Hayat is the 2nd Part of novel Peer Kamil (most famous novel of Umaira Ahmed)..

Novel Aab Hayat is going to be start in Khawateen digest from November 2014, It will be a episode-wise novel and 1st episode will be in November 2014.

This file is uploaded on mediafire, you can easily download by above link, and you need adobe reader, foxit reader or any PDF reader to read this Pdf file.

Sequel of Pir e Kamil

Some peoples think that this is not necessary to make a sequel of novel Pir e Kamil, But its Umeera Ahmed who wants her fans to read this novel first then make any arguments. Umeera Ahmed said: Aab Hayat story begins from where the Per kamil story ends, so it will be exciting to read what happens next in Salar and Imama life, whether they lived happily ever after or not. 

Aab E Haayat Episode No. 1 -Review- :

After four years of long wait finally Aab E Hayat is available. Khawateen digest is publishing this as a episode wise novel, as it is a great news for all umeera ahmed fans, that she is writing after a long pause. Here is the short review for the first episode of Aab E Hayat"
 "First wpisode named as "Tash" in english "Cards" begins from the Salar and Imama as we all know the main characters of this story. Then there are many new characters are also introduced in this  ifrst episode of this novel. 

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