Peer Kamil Novel by Umeera Ahmed - پیر کامل ناول

Per-Kamil (پیر کامل) Novel by Umaira Ahmed

Peer Kamil novel is written by Umera Ahmed. Pir E Kamil is the most popular novel in Pakistan and  now becomes the Most reads Novel in Pakistan. Story of Per Kamil revolves around two Character Imamma Hashmi and Salar Sikandar. Imama was a girl belonging to a Qadiyani family, and She reads some books about Islam and she decides to become a Muslim, The story also Explains what difficulties she found by going against her family. Salar Sikandar was her Neighbor and he got the IQ level of above 150, and Imama asked him for his help. He was a guy who was a Muslim but never follow Islam, He decides to help Imama and here the story begins of both...I can't summarize the Story of Peer Kamil, So Download and Read one of the great novel.

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This book was first time Released in 2004, And becomes very popular in all around the World, Later it was also Translated into English.

Detail About Umeera Ahmed:

Umaira Ahmed born in 1976, and start writting Novel in 1998. She is a Author, Novelist and also a screen writer in Pakistan. She have done her M.A (English) from Murray College Sialkot. and Chose writing as her Profession. Umera Ahmed have won too much awards.

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