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Monthly Jasosi Digest November 2014 Free Download

Jasosi digest november 2014 pdf download
Jasossi digest for the Month of November 2014 is available online.. This is one of the famous urdu digest and can be download by below links...Jasosi digest is the best digest comes with spy stories and popular jasosi novels... Download it by below links...


About Jasossi Digest

Jasosi Novels are on the top of all other type of novels, As these Spy Novels (Jasosi Novels- جاسوسی ناول) attract user most. As Imran series is one of the most read series. And because of the popularity of Jasosi novels in Pakistan now a days, Jasosi Digest is also getting very popular.
Here are the some of the Most read Urdu Jasosi Novls...

Jasossi Digest Nov. 2014 -Review- :

Under the administrator of  Meeraj E Rasool this digest published from Karachi. We are sharing short review for some of the main stories of this month digest is here:

 - First story of this digest is Juzvi-Gumshudgi ( جزوی گمشدگی ) written by H.Iqbal. theme of this tory is: ( گمشدہ لمحوں کی کھوج و جستجو میں پل پل رنگ بدلتی کہانی کے معمے )

 - Second story is Qayam-Gah ( قیام گاہ ) written by Anwar Saleem, This is a very short story of just 4-pages. Its about ( چوروں اور پولیس والوں کی چلبلی ) ....

 - Third story is Showbiz written by Tanvir-Riaz with review ( شوبز کی جگمگاتی دنیا کی ایک خونی جھلک ) .. This story is not much long like others as it is just 12-pages.

 - Aawara Gard ( آوارہ گرد  ) is the main story of this digest, This story is full of action and fiction.

 - Chaara ( چارا  ) by Jamal dasti is the story of two-friends who toured for fun and get in trouble.
 - Jaawari (جواری ) authored by Ahmed Iqbal you can read this in this digest, The theme of this story is: (  زندگی کی بساط پر اندھا جوا کھیلنے والے ہوش ربا کھلاڑی کی داستاں  ).

 - Other stories from this digest are: La-Hasil ( لا حاصل  )  by Babar Naeem this story short review is (  دریافت کی نئی منزلوں کی جانب محِو سفر کی کوشش ) ..

 - Be-Zamir ( بے ضمیر  ) by Asma-Qadri ,, Qismat Aazma ( قسمت آزما ) by Kashif Zubari ,, Muawza ( معاضہ ) by Aks Fatima ,, Gardish E Ayam (  گردش ایام ) written by shabnam farooqi ,, Naqsh-E-awal ( نقش اول  )  ,, Qayam Gaah ( قیام گاہ ) are the other stories from this digest.

Information about Jasossi Digest:

Price: 60.Rs
Adminsitrator: Meraj Rasool
Email: jdpgroup@hotmail.com
Mudeer-E-Aala: Azra Rasool
Address: Korangi Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

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