Amar Bail by Umeera Ahmed - امر بیل ناول

Amar Bail Novel by Umeera Ahmed - امر بییل

Amar Bail (امر بیل) is an other fintatsic novel by Umeera Ahmed (عمیرہ احمد). Is this Novel Umeera Ahmed tries to highlight the Society issues, Story of this Novel revolves around Aleezay Sikandar and Umer Jahanger. Amar bail is a very simple written love story, It is not so much difficult like other love stories.

Aleezay Sikandar belongs from a rich family and have a dream in his life "to be loved from her love ones".
Umer Jahanger was also belongs to rich family, a very high society man who fall in love with Aleezay and here story begins a fintastic love story that touches the heart of reader...

We are glad to share this Great Novel in Pdf version, Now you can download this Novel and Read on your laptop, Computer, and Also on smart phones.

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