Jo Rukay tu Koh-E-Giran thay Hum by Aneza Syed Pdf Download

Jo Ruky tu Koh E Giran thay hum by Aneeza Syed

جو رکے تو کوہ گراں تھے ہم، جو چلے تو جاں سے گزر گئے
راہ یار ہم نے قدم قدم تجھے یاد گار بنا دیا

Famous lines from Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poetry, Aneeza Syed script this Poetry in a Novel. This novel is really amazing, its a treat to read for Romantic Stories Lover.
Aneeza Syed is writting for Urdu Digest like ( Shuaa, Kiran, Khawateen Digest ) for many times. Her Stories got vey Popular among Girls. Here is another famous story, theme of this story is a Love Story, Very well Written by Aneeza Syed. Download or Read Online Urdu Novel by Aneeza Syed

Download or Read online this beautiful Urdu Novel by Aneeza syed.  Aneeza syed is very famous in women, Aneeza syed writes for Kiran Digest and Shuaa Digest, Jo rukay tu Koh E Giran thay hum was also published in digests. You can now download ebook by below link:

This novel is in two parts:

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